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Guided tour of Pompeii


Following the eruption of the Volcano Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D., Pompei lay buried and forgotten for hundreds of years. The town is high on the list of Wonders of the World and the excavations begun in the 18th Century are still being carried out today.

We can provide of an authorized guide who will take you slowly through some of the ancient streets of Pompeii where you can see Baths, Forums and Villas built by the prosperous Roman in the year 80 B.C. Marvel at the fabulously preserved Frescos which adorned the walls and floors of the Villas.

Even if your interest do not lie in history, this is an archaeological site that you cannot be failed to be impressed by.

This tour can be arranged as a half-day tour or combined with a tour of Herculaneum for a full-day experience.

Guided tour of Herculaneum


Herculaneum was destroyed along with Pompei in 79 A.D. and rediscovered in 1709. It was a residential town without Pompeii’s commercial importance, surrounded by the villas of the wealthy Romans. When the catastrophe of 79 A.D. occurred Herculaneum was submerged under a torrent of mud and lava that hardened into a soft tuff (a kind of porous rock) that preserved many of the timber features and household objects which can be seen today. A large portion of the old Herculaneum is still buried under the modern town and even today excavations are going on to discover what treasures lie buried under the rock, to the extent that some families are being rehoused so work can continue.

This tour can be arranged as a half-day tour or combined with a tour of Pompeii for a full-day experience.

Guided excursion of Mount Vesuvius

vesuvio-viewVesuvius dominates the Bay of Naples. It is the only active volcano on the mainland of Europe.The slopes were once covered with vineyard and woods and provided an innocent looking backdrop for the bustling towns of Pompei and Herculaneum below. We will take you to within 1.000 m of the top of Vesuvius and from here you can walk to the very top and admire the splendid panoramic view across the Bay. From blackened crater rises a single plume of smoke, a reminder that the volcano is only sleeping for now?

This tour can be arranged as a half-day tour or combined with a tour of Pompeii or Herculaneum for a full-day experience.




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